Our Mission

Dario and Florian no longer wanted to be just spectators in 2019 during the devastating forest fires in the Amazon, but to actively bring about change. True to the motto of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, The two computer scientists founded COOfree GmbH with the clear goal of reducing CO2 emissions through innovative ideas and information.

This is now happening in different ways. As computer scientists, they naturally focus on software products. They developed the holistic “ECO” concept, which encourages and accompanies each individual – whether in private life or in the professional community with colleagues – to active climate protection. The first version is available for private users as a website. A new version focused on company unsage will follow in the coming months.


Calculate footprint, reduce emissions, offset through sustainability projects

Our platform accompanies you on the topic of individual climate protection. We will show you your current CO2 footprint and how it can be reduced by simple measures and changes in your everyday life. With concrete recommendations, you will quickly become a successful climate protector.





Connect with friends, cool challenges, support in your everyday life

Scientific studies show that learning success is significantly improved through fun and games. We think so too and have therefore developed a lifelong, motivating and active solution. How about not eating meat for three days or not using your car today? Take up the challenge together with your friends and become a successful ECOlogist.




CO2-Calculation for Webshops

At the same time, we cooperate with web shops to integrate our CO2 calculation. The goal is to clearly show the ecologial impact unecessary returns on our climate and to avaid them if possible. In addition, the effects can be mitigated by offsetting in climate protection projects.

Sustainable Materials

Another big problem of our time is the plastic pollution of our environment. Microplastics can now be found in every food and almost everywhere in the world. To change this, we are working with companies and universities on compostable plastics made from renewable raw materials. The first products from this will go on sale this year.