At the set with COOfree

had an exhausting but exciting weekend working on our new image film together with Futurize and the Orangery.We can’t wait to see the first results and hope you are as excited as we are.

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Workingday with COOfree

Version 1 preview for you – this is how #COOfree will accompany you through a climate friendly working day.

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Version 1 Workshop

Our team continues the development of version 1 planned for this summer. Look forward to exciting challenges, lots of social media features and perfect integration into your everyday life. Have fun while we focus on reducing your carbon footprint. This and much more coming up to you.

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Quick guided tour of our homepage…

how about a short tour of our homepage peppered with some background information about our project? This way please if you like.

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Quick Calculation HowTo

wanna try out our CO²-calculator even without registering? Watch HowTo Episode 1 here and let Florian guide you through the whole process.

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Our journey goes on…

since climate change won’t take a break. Today we started planning version 1.0. Look forward to a sophisticated CO2-calculator, mobile apps, exciting challenges and more opportunities for socializing. Many thanks to our team in Budapest, Leipzig and Hildesheim. Join our fight against climate change and become an #ECOlogist #COOfree

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Reset successful…

It’s done. The reset has been successfully completed, let’s stop climate change together. Come along and re-register with our improved prototype.

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Prototype reset

Our prototype goes into the second round, thank you for your support and your great feedback! In order to finally fix issues with the chat and to make some improvements, the prototype will be reset on Friday the 8th of May. Please re-register afterwards.

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The prototype is now available for you. Sign up, find out about CO2 emissions and determine your own footprint, exchange ideas, give us feedback and become an active ECOlogist. Our climate will thank you. Have fun 😉

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Unfortunately, an unexpected error occurred while migrating our prototype. But don’t worry, we are now shifting into a night shift: for you and against climate change.

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