ECO – A holistic approach to climate protection

We do not want to develop another app that calculates the CO² footprint using an approximation method. We also don’t want to calm people’s guilty conscience by compensating for their last flight but not changing their behavior. And we don’t want to create a simple “news page” on CO2 avoidance. Because all of this already exists, is not holistic and unfortunately only of limited help.

We are convinced that only a holistic approach can contribute to significant improvements in personal CO² balances. For this reason, we have developed the ECO concept.

E for Educate

How can holistic climate protection work? We discussed this question with friends, acquaintances, business partners and scientists. It is clear that compensation for CO² emissions is always only the second best solution. Instead, people must first be motivated to do everything in their power to avoid the generation of CO² emissions. This is where the first part (Educate) of our ECO concept comes in. We inform our users how their lifestyle affects our climate and give simple and practical tips for reducing and avoiding CO² emissions.

C for Communicate 

Positive group effects arise when a user can let others share in his success. This is where the second aspect (Communicate) of our ECO concept comes into play. The users should have the opportunity to exchange ideas about potential savings, to “like” and comment on the respective actions. There will also be the opportunity to discuss extensive and complex topics in groups. In order to maintain user interest in this important topic permanently, we also rely on playful aspects (gamification), for example through exciting challenges and rewards.

O for Offset

However, despite all efforts, a completely CO²-neutral life is not possible. We need clothes, we have to eat and we may not want to do without our pets. At this point, the third aspect (offset) of our ECO concept comes into play. Unavoidable emissions can be offset through our platform through certified projects of the non-profit organization “The Gold Standard”.